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There are certian times in the community when it is right to work together across religious, racial, political and cultural differences.

Jon and Carol Switzer 


Jonathan and Carol Switzer, married since 1995,  have lived in Maryland and Aurora, Illinois. They moved to Frederick in 2001 where they have been raising their 5 children.  Having ministered abroad in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Israel, Palestine, Central America and Albania, they felt called to Frederick.  In this beautiful city, they were instrumental in starting the "Convoy of Hope" and the "Frederick 48" fundraiser that is now called the "UNITY Campaign" which has raised over 1.7 million for local non-profits.  They have also facilitated Palestinian Arab Christians and Messianic Jewish discussions at various Issachar Forums.  Jonathan is a current a co-host with Troy Skinner on the "Frederick Faith Debate" since 2004 on WFMD 930AM.  It airs on Sunday mornings at 9am.  


After many years serving in a precious local church, Jon and Carol have been called to serve the larger Frederick community by founding this local, non-profit organization, "crossedBRIDGES". The mission: A movement that unifies our community to meet our greatest needs in restoring the good that God intends.


Jon and Carol believe that Jesus' death and resurrection has fired their desire to see the deaf hear, the blind see, the lame walk, the orphan and the widow, and those in prison and sick cared for. 


 May the desolate places bloom!



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