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To celebrate National Recovery Month this September, we invite you to participate in a letter campaign to thank those on the front lines who have assisted anyone impacted by Opioid misuse.  

  • Frederick County Goes Purple is orchestrating a letter campaign asking individuals and family members helped by first responders or community champions to send a note saying “Thank You!” First responders or champions include, but are not limited to, the following: Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, FMH Emergency Department, Public Health and Social Workers, Emergency Services, and Grass Roots Organizations.  

Below are meaningful ways you can say, “Thank you!”:  

  • Attend the kickoff event at Carroll Creek Linear Park on August 31st @5 pm.  Show your appreciation as well as drop off “Thank You” letters in the collection boxes decorated in purple. Boxes will be available at other events too.  

  • Mail letters directly to a First Responder or to: Crossed Bridges PO Box 1305, Frederick, MD 21702

  • Post your appreciation on social media. #FrederickCountyGoesPurple

  • Send an e-mail expressing your appreciation.  

  • Drop off store-bought cookies in sealed packaging to fire stations or other places!  

  • Provide suggestions of those to thank in the community. Forward their name and contact information to

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